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Production Linked Incentives (PLI) is an outcome and output-oriented scheme spanning across 10 sectors, which gives companies incentives on incremental sales (over FY 2019-20) from products manufactured in domestic units. The scheme invites foreign companies to set up units in India, However, it also aims to encourage local companies to set up or expand existing...


Advancements in digital technologies, changing consumer preferences due to eCommerce, government reforms, and shift in service sourcing strategies are expected to lead the transformation of the Indian logistics ecosystem. Digitalization will improve the efficiency and performance in freight management and port operations. Warehouse automation will help achieve operational efficiencies to counter supply-chain cost pressures in...

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India continues to be an attractive investment destination for foreign businesses and increasingly, its business-friendly reforms have supported manufacturing, innovation, and infrastructure investment growth. Since the pandemic broke out early last year, India has plugged sensitive supply gaps through immediate manufacturing investments and was able to tap into global export demand in key segments.

Personal Data Protection Concept. Padlock over Computer Keyboard with Blue Locked Personal Data Key extreme closeup. 3d Rendering

The incredible explosion in the amount of data being generated, collected and shared is a phenomenon that has changed how businesses, and society in general, operate on multiple fronts from online marketplaces, internet search platforms and social media. Businesses now have the ability to analyse larger volumes of data more quickly and more regularly, applying...


Policy and regulation can have a significant impact on businesses. Exactly three decades ago, beginning with 1991, the Government had made some radical changes in its policies related to foreign trade, Foreign Direct Investment, exchange rate, industry, fiscal discipline etc. Termed as liberalisation, this was aimed at ending the licence-permit raj by decreasing the government...

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