About Us

Public laws and regulations can make or break businesses and transactions. Policy Access has been conceived to participate & stimulate thought provoking discussions around policy making and regulatory trends.

Founded in 2021, Policy Access provides policy driven consulting services to established and new age businesses in Indian market. We provide strategic insights into what policy makers and regulators are thinking and how best to influence their decisions for the overall benefit of the specific sector.

We have an excellent understanding of a range of sectors where technology and regulation intersect, moreover owing to significant past experience of our leadership team in the apex think tank and different ministries in the union government.

Why Policy Access

India is a very significant market. The concomitance of sheer urbanisation and digitisation of economy is a phenomenon, unique to India. This presents a massive opportunity for value and wealth creation through various sunrise industries like manufacturing, financial services, agriculture, healthcare, logistics, e-governance, et al. Nevertheless, the Indian market, perceptually remains a relatively complex arena with multiple government regulators in tow.

Entrepreneurs and CXOs often get overwhelmed, keeping a close tab on regulatory developments and aligning their business imperatives.

Against such a backdrop, big brands making their foray in the Indian consumer market as well as the promising and disruptive domestic tech companies, are better off collaborating with trusted partners who possess expertise in policy matters. Sustained endeavours toward favourable government regulations and adapting the business process thereby is as much an indispensable growth strategy in the current digital age as it was in the pre liberalization era.

Policy Access maintains a thought leadership position across multiple industries by spearheading several forward looking dialogues with the government, industry bodies and entrepreneurs.

As regulatory and policy experts as we help you realise exponential gains by leveraging the extant ecosystem and anticipate the upcoming major policy reforms. With us you will know

  • What lies ahead on the Regulatory Roadmap for 2021/2022 and thereafter

  • How to plan and future-proof regulatory change management in your organization

  • Best Practices for implementing a rules and risk-based approach to regulatory compliance


Leading companies set the policy agenda

Many companies have attained stepladder growth by identifying the winds of change in policies, which sometimes open up new business models. Those companies are also able set the agenda for future industry reforms through sustained dialogues.

Policy agenda might be construed as a specific policy ask, but this is not always the case. Moreover, a good policy agenda is accomplished only after several revisions, lengthy discussions, and healthy debate. Therefore, in the best interest of industry, leading companies deliberate, discuss and voice their concerns to the policy makers and parliamentarians.

Given the potential for a seismic shift in our nation’s political and regulatory landscape, we believe; these are times when close attention should be paid to regulatory developments. In times to come, when regulatory supervision is only going to increase, more proactive companies would continue to bear the fruit of favourable and accommodating rules.

We are your best bet for regulatory roulette

The ripple effects of a tumultuous 2020 are likely to be even more enduring and impactful than the forces that initially triggered them. In the aftermath of Covid the government is determined to build the economy through incentives like PLI schemes to boost domestic manufacturing, amending FDI regulations, setting aside startup funds, accelerating digital transformation, building infrastructure and going ahead with its ambitious disinvestment and asset monetization plans.

All of this would entail administrations pulling regulatory and legislative levers to implement its priorities. We are here to help your business along with implications for how to respond to shifts. Numerous companies and hyper growth startups have been a beneficiary of our advocacies and interventions.
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