We offer speciality advisory services for regulatory affairs and new age policy making

India's growing economy offers immense potential for value creation. Seamless regulatory navigation is almost a prerequisite for delivering on this unique opportunity.
Holding proactive consultations with regulators and work as an responsible association for the institutions they monitor and regulate
Providing virtual public policy office for discourse, making representations and liaisoning next to the Policy Makers in India
Gathering concerns of businesses about major policy decisions and regulatory shifts, assess and apprise the relevant stakeholders
Regulations and rules

Managing the regulatory pole position

Getting a clean bill of health from regulators may be taxing, but is not impossible to achieve in today's times. We help regulatory facilitations for the market entrants as well as established companies in several domains e.g.,online consumer marketplaces, social commerce, electric mobility, automotive sector, Financial services, Insurance, Digital healthcare services, Pharmaceutical sector, telecommunications, data protection et al.

We ensure that your business process is aligned to the latest compliances and help you preempt and mitigate risks in the ever evolving regulatory environment.

Building an effective regulatory strategy

We are here to provide astute strategic advice on regulatory challenges across different sectors.

Whether it is the need to favourable government policies, or influence a policy debate, we have a demonstrated expertise to guide you through the legal, financial, bureaucratic, and political complexities.

We craft thoughtful and compelling position papers, provide immediate handholding on how best to respond to policy and media developments to serve the business imperatives in a futuristic and forward looking manner.
Tech Companies and Regulations

Specialist in regulations for tech sector

In the current era of techopoly, technology will rule the roost. This obviously would have widespread implications and therefore its regulation is the veritable desideratum for all the critical stakeholders i.e., citizens, businesses and the government itself.

Our policy experts work across a wide range of sectors where technology and regulation intersect. Policy Access strives towards stimulating a forward looking thought process around regulations and data protection laws in India. For example we can take a lot of cues from the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a landmark framework to govern the flow of users’ personal information on the internet.

Reimagining public policy

We have reimagined the ways how the process of new age policy making would be.

Over the last decade, the government has taken a more professional approach to policy making.There has been a movement away from policy advice by generalists to one informed by concepts of risk, management, and delivery of services.

Our approach to policy advisory incorporates the perspectives of ministers as well as civil servants, since policy is the responsibility of both parties, and a product of their joint efforts. Bureaucrats, members of standing committees, joint parliamentary committees and opinion leaders can be persuaded to take a more proactive and participatory role in the emerging grey areas in policy dialogues.

Tailored policy dialogues

India remains a complex market. It is best to view India not as a single market, but as a series of interconnected regional markets where the regulatory and investment climate changes from one state to another.

Many states have created investment cells to attract business and have framed policies around them but the lack of coherence between the launch of new policy initiatives and policy stewardship leaves a lot to be desired. While most of the state civil servants acknowledge that they have to be innovative in their approach, there is a lack of clarity over what this means in practice. The ensuing implementation of reform policies is therefore likely to be heavily shaped by the culture. It has been the case that few states in India, receive the new policy ideas like Smart City Mission and Ayushman Bharat very attractive and scalable yet difficult to implement due to logistical and legacy issues.

To correct such perceptual anomalies and resistance, policy discussion needs to be tailored to the culture and existing economic opportunity present in the state.

Our code of ethics

The outcome of any policy deliberations and regulatory review is largely dependent on the level of uninterrupted and collaborative communication that government officials have with the firm’s senior management, as well as legal and compliance personnel. In all these endeavours, Policy Access carries out its engagements in a very transparent and professional manner.

As a company, we exercise uber professional ethics in advocacy and help businesses comply in a rapidly changing regulatory environment. At the end of the day, institutions that have a sustainable and efficient regulatory management process will be more likely than others to build credibility and goodwill with regulators.
Public policy has been playing a crucial role at the intersection of businesses, government and politics.

Navigating this ecosystem is a diplomatic undertaking.
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